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Long days at the office may actually be putting your health at risk

(WYTV) – Do you work long hours? Maybe they’re longer than eight-hours a day?

Long days at the office may actually be putting your health at risk.

Dr. Pravin George of the Cleveland Clinic says new research suggests that the longer we work, the greater our risk of a stroke.

He says this affects people who are working more than ten hours a day and more than 50 days of the year for more than ten years.

George says a work-life balance is needed.

“Make sure that your stress level is well-controlled, and you can try something like yoga, or breathing exercises even. Something to really kind of get away from work because if you don’t, it can have some effects on your health.”

When we work long hours, it doesn’t leave us much time for other things, such as physical activity and when we’re exhausted and hungry, we’re less likely to make healthy choices when it comes to our meals.

If your company has a wellness program, take advantage of it. Keep up as many healthy habits as you can.

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