Len Rome’s Local Health: Exercise and your brain

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Doctors have been telling us for years to stay active; it can help prevent type-two diabetes, heart disease and even depression.

Exercise may be able to help deal with an aging brain.

Your brain may change because it’s getting older, but exercise can help protect against symptoms.

Dr. Jagan Pillai of The Cleveland Clinic says, “It’s not like increasing physical activity decreases the amount of disease process in your brain, but it helps you somehow compensate and to, kind of, hide the effects of the disease process.”

It goes for those people who have normal cognition and those with dementia.

The experts may not yet know why exercise seems to have a protective effect on the brain, but being more active certainly can’t hurt.

Physical activity, not smoking, limiting alcohol, eating a balanced diet and managing blood pressure and weight can help reduce the risk of brain decline.

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