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Being nervous before a wedding is very common

(WYTV) – If your summer plans include a walk down the aisle, you may soon have those pre-wedding jitters.

A Cleveland Clinic psychologist, Scott Bea, says this anxiety is very common. Often, it comes from the fear of having all eyes on you.

“One of the biggest phobias in our culture is public speaking phobia. You might have to speak in public – say vows in public – so there’s a lot of worry and tension about performing and having the spotlight on you.”

Bea says when we spend a lot of time trying to control anxiety, this can be very consuming and often doesn’t help the feeling go away.

He gave some tips:

  • Don’t overthink.
  • Don’t stress yourself out and expect everything to be perfect — our brains are wired to respond if something doesn’t go right.
  • There’s no need to obsess over details.
  • The day will go by very quickly.
  • Have a point person available to help take the burden off of you on the day of the wedding. You may want to step back and breathe for a moment or two.

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