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Electrical technology may also help with pancreatic cancer

(WYTV) – Glioblastoma is a rare, aggressive type of brain tumor. Survival is measured in months for many diagnoses.

A father of three from Michigan, Jerry Bennett, came to the Cleveland Clinic to try a new kind of treatment.

He had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and now has a wearable therapy that uses electrical fields.

Dr. David Peereboom, of the Cleveland Clinic, says the electricity disrupts and kills cancerous cells.

“Tumor-treating fields are a technology that creates a low-level electrical field, and it disrupts cells that are trying to divide, and since it is cancer cells that are actually the ones dividing, those get killed preferentially,” he said.

Each morning, Jerry shaves his head, and his wife attaches electrodes to his scalp.

Wires run across his body to a battery pack he carries with him, keeping low-intensity electricity flowing 24 hours a day.

Peereboom says this treatment means about five more months of life.

It’s been two years since Jerry’s diagnosis.

Electrical technology may also help with pancreatic cancer. There are current trials for treatment.

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