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Psychologists say we can overcome childhood obesity with what’s called mindful eating.

Parents can say to their children, “How hungry are you — on a scale from one to 10? Do you need a snack or an entire meal?”

For very young children, start them off by setting a good example.

“I tell parents, ‘Show, don’t tell, because kids do what you do, whether consciously or unconsciously.’ So if you’re modeling mindful eating, this is really going to help them to emulate those same behaviors,” said Susan Alberts, of the Cleveland Clinic. 

Our kids are still eating too much sugar. They should get less than 25 grams per day.

Parents need to pay close attention to mindless eating, snacking in front of the TV, comfort eating and dieting.  

It’s best to forget about the “clean plate” rule from your mom and dad. Forcing children to eat when they are no longer hungry keeps them from learning to stop eating when they really are full.

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