Len Rome’s Local Health: Child Mental Health

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(WYTV) – When we think of someone dealing with a mental health issue, we most likely think of an adult.

Kids can have trouble, too.

They can have anxiety, depression and ADHD, which all can have lasting effects into adulthood if we don’t deal with them now.

Parents who suspect their child may have a mental health problem should start by talking with their child’s pediatrician.

“ADHD, anxiety, depression and related disorders are very treatable. Most of the time, with appropriate treatment, kids can go on to function quite well. That may be with psychotherapy, it may be helping parents learn to manage things differently, it may be making adjustments in their school program, medication or some combination of those things,” said Vanessa Jensen, of the Cleveland Clinic.

The American Medical Association says some children are not getting the treatment they need — no counseling, no medications.

Their parents may not know what to do.

Know the signs of trouble and teach your children the signs, just as though it’s a physical condition.

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