Len Rome’s Local Health: Battling influenza

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It may be spring, but the Valley is still fighting the flu. 

Usually, the flu is winding down this time of year.

In fact, some doctors around the country are seeing an unexpected rise in influenza.

“Typically we’ll see Influenza peaking around January/February time frame. It doesn’t mean we don’t see cases in March, but it’s unusual to have a spike occurring in March and that’s what we’re dealing with right now,” Dr. Kristin Englund of the Cleveland Clinc says.

The H3N2 virus is currently making people sick. It is an aggressive virus, similar to the one we saw last flu season, but different from the one at the start of this flu season last fall. 

So, if you caught the flu months ago, you can catch it all over again.

Keep up your guard, wash your hands, cover coughs and sneezes and get a flu shot if you haven’t already. 

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