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Do you obsess over the scale?

(WYTV) – When it comes to managing our weight, we have all kinds of bathroom scales we can use.

But do they really help?

We have scales that can measure your body mass index and body fat percentage.

Doctors tell us that these fancy scales can sometimes be misleading.

Dr. Leslie Heinberg, of The Cleveland Clinic says, “They tend to over-estimate the percent body fat, and so when we tell people, ‘This is what you should be,’ or ‘This is your goal,’ and you’re seeing, in spite of all your hard work, ‘Gee, I’m still way over,’ that misinformation might be discouraging.”

Compare the home devices to what we use in medical research and your bathroom scale is fairly inaccurate.

The readings you get might make you just want to give up and grab some ice cream.

These numbers aren’t always the best measure of healthy behavior.

Instead of checking daily and obsessing daily, talk to your doctor.

They have tools that can measure you more accurately.

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