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A recent federal report says we're seeing more bullying online

(WYTV) – Children still have to worry about bullies, even in light of school programs meant to stop it.

A recent federal report says there is more bullying online, too, affecting middle and high school students.

Girls are more at risk than boys.

Boys might use their cell phones and the internet more for games, but girls use their phones and their tablets more for communication, connection and support, and that’s where bullies can hide.

Dr. Tatiana Falcone of The Cleveland Clinic says that it’s important for parents to be proactive.

“It’s important as parents to have these talks with your kids, but not only have this talk, but randomly check your kid’s phone; look what are their friends; make sure that each one of these people who said that they’re friends are real and not people that they don’t know.”

One thing to look out for is the number of friends your child has.

The more friends they have online, the more likely it is that some of those friends aren’t real friends at all.

Past research has shown a link between bullying and depression. Depression in a child can make them irritable and confrontational, so watch for those changes.

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