(WYTV) – For many of our children, taking “selfies” and viewing the world through the lens of a device is harmless fun. But the American Medical Association is now saying too much time spent on screens may increase the risk of depression.

Dr. Joe Austerman, from the Cleveland Clinic, said parents need to educate their children about what they see online.

“You want to continually educate and point out, and look for learning opportunities when they are engaged in their social media, saying, ‘Hey, do you think that’s real? Here’s what’s really happening. This is an artificial world.”’

Children tend to compare themselves to others with a lot of self-judgment, especially on social media. Video games and computer use have less of an impact.

If parents notice their children become withdrawn or irritable, or they see their child’s grades suffer, those could be signs of depression and that they need medical attention.