(WYTV)- Left ventricular dysfunction…that’s what your heart doctor would call it, in simpler terms, a weak heart pump.

It can be very dangerous.

This condition affects maybe one in ten Americans over the age of 60. That’s around seven million people.
How would you know you have a weak heart pump? You might not.

“What’s terribly important is it could be there without symptoms and can lead to bad things happening: death, shortness of breath, fainting,” said Dr. Paul Friedman of the Mayo Clinic.

We have several treatment options for this, including medications that help the heart pump, regain its strength, and prolong life. And it doesn’t necessarily mean going to a medical center for a screening test.
You can screen for this condition just by checking an ECG at home.

Some smart watches can measure heart rhythm through an ECG.

A consumer device that you buy at the store and wear on your wrist can identify a potentially life threatening condition.

The earlier doctors find left ventricular dysfunction, the better. Then they can watch it, monitor it so see how much of a risk you’re in.