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Len Rome's Local Health: Whole grains and diabetes

They're good for your heart but what about preventing diabetes?

(WYTV) - Could whole grains help control type 2 diabetes?

The secret is in the fiber that whole grains provide.

"Whole grains, which are fiber, actually can help with diabetes in the sense that it helps with insulin sensitivity," said Dr. Mary Kellis, from the Cleveland Clinic. "It's harder to break those down because it's fiber and, as a result, it stabilizes blood sugar so you don't get those spikes in blood sugar that you get with refined sugars."

Whole grains include wheat, rye and oats.

Go easy on sugary beverages, sweets, pastries, white bread, white flour, white pasta and white rice. They can all cause a spike in blood sugar.

Even if a food label advertises "whole grains," read the label -- all of it -- to make sure there are no refined sugars hidden in there.

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