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The FDA says newer products need more research before they can recommend them

(WYTV) - Make sure you use something that works.

The Food and Drug Administration is putting together a new set of rules to make sure what we're lathering on our skin is doing its job.

The FDA considers two main sunscreen ingredients to be generally safe and effective.

Dr. Melissa Piliang of the Cleveland Clinic says, "The physical sun-blockers that's like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the only 2 physical blockers we have they tend to be deemed as safer; they just sit on top, and those are the ones that in this study they said were generally considered safe."

The FDA says some newer products, such as powders, wipes and body washes still need more research before they can recommend them.

Whatever you wear, be generous. To cover your entire body, you should use one ounce.


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