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Len Rome's Local Health: How is social media affecting your teen?

On doctor says unhappiness caused by use is more common in girls than boys

(WYTV) - Most teenagers and pre-teens use social media more than anyone else but When is it too much?

When does it affect the way they feel about themselves?

A recent public health study of 10,000 children found that the more they used this media, the unhappier they became as they got older.

It affected young girls the most.

Dr. Joe Austerman of the Cleveland Clinic says most girls often judge themselves based on posts.

"The use of social media -- specifically in girls -- they tend to use t as a way to judge themselves. They look at others and in that comparison -- the term is 'up-comparising,' they're always looking at better qualities in other people and then looking negatively on themselves or not feeling like they don't have those qualities."

Not so much for boys -- they tend to use this media less as a social platform. They also use it for games.         

More time spent online means less time spent having real face-to-face interactions.

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