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Len Rome's Local Health: Gender Reveal

A new study puts some science behind the speculation of your baby's gender

(WYTV) - You can hear all kinds of theories that predict whether a pregnant woman is having a boy or a girl.

For example, if you're pregnant, are your allergies acting up? Allergies that you thought you outgrew?

Amanda Mitchell says that researchers followed 80 women through pregnancy and exposed their immune cells to bacteria in the lab.

"What the findings suggest is that women carrying a girl exhibit greater inflammatory responses when faced with some sort of immune challenge." 

Those inflammatory responses include a certain protein which the body releases to fight off sickness. 

The immune cells of pregnant women carrying girls released more of these proteins than those carrying boys. 

So if you're carrying a girl, expect more allergic reactions. 

At Ohio State, they're hoping this research leads to doctors being able to treat pregnant women on what they're expecting. 

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