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Len Rome's Local Health: Exercise and Alzheimer's

Can working out really save our memory?

(WYTV) - Can exercise prevent Alzheimer's?

A study looked at nearly 400 people who had signs of what's called "dominant" Alzheimer's -- they're almost guaranteed to get Alzheimer's before they turn 60.

Those who were highly active put off Alzheimer's much longer.

Research shows that it's best to do a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength and balance training.

"Exercise does seem to be good for brain health. Try to get to that 150 minute-a-week level. I have no evidence that it really harms you and a fair amount of evidence now suggests that it's good for brain health, so get out there and exercise," said Dr. James Leverenz, from the Cleveland Clinic.

Even though the outlook is severe, we can still have some influence on Alzheimer's -- at least postponing it as long as possible.

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