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Len Rome's Local Health: Deciphering a baby's cry

Babies tell us what they need by crying

(WYTV) - Babies tell us what they need by crying but what if you couldn't hear them?

If you're deaf or hearing impaired, that can be a challenge.

You can put cameras and sound monitors in your home but deaf parents have to go a step further. They may also rely on newer technology to alert them to noises they can't hear, although that often causes false alarms.

Delbert Whetter said it can be hard to tell what a baby needs.

"We can only tell if there is something too loud happening in the room and we have a child that is very talkative. He would babble so we can't distinguish between loud noises and crying."

Thanks to a new app, that's changing. It's called Chatterbaby and it not only tells parents when a baby is crying, but why.

Using a database of more than 2,000 infant cries, researchers learned to decipher what each cry means -- fussiness, hunger or pain. Then they loaded this into an app.

It could connect kids and parents like never before.

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