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Len Rome's Local Health: Bringing home germs

Some germs can live on surfaces for days or even weeks

(WYTV) - So you're busy with Christmas shopping now but are you picking up more than just presents?

Any time we're in crowded places where people are touching a lot of things, it increases our chances of picking up viruses and bacteria.

Some germs can live on surfaces for days or even weeks.

Dr. Dan Allan, from the Cleveland Clinic, said to start beating those germs before buying anything, start with the shopping cart.

"I'd wipe it down as thoroughly as I could. It will reduce your risk of getting sick. Obviously, I wouldn't touch my face or rub my nose, or rub my eyes or anything while I was shopping because even though you've wiped it down, you're still at risk."

It's best to treat everything as though it's been contaminated and to be aware of how many things you've touched.

Don't forget to wash your hands whenever possible, especially before stopping for lunch.

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