(WYTV) – Is your child bringing something home from school besides homework? Something in her hair?

Lice have no wings, but they can reach millions of children each year, and kids can easily bring them home.

Lice neither jump nor fly. They spread simply through close contact.

“We’ll often think about our kids in school or who are playing next to each other for a long period of time. You can also spread by sharing certain pieces of clothing, such as hats or scarves, things of that nature, and then maybe hairbrushes, too, for sharing those items as well,” said Dr. Tina Ardon, in family medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

While their bites can irritate and become infected, lice do not carry severe illness. And having lice is not a sign of poor hygiene or something that you’ve done wrong. It can happen to anyone.

Finding lice and treating the entire household will help prevent them from coming back. Start with over-the-counter medications; they’re easy to use at home.