Feeling inspired to start training like an Olympic athlete?

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(WYTV) – You saw what Olympic athletes can do. Now it’s your turn. Get out there on those streets and playgrounds like a weekend warrior and train like an Olympian would for competition. True, we’re not battling for the title of best in the world but we want to be active and competitive.

Running longer, playing some extra tennis or a few more rounds of golf can be hard on the body, especially if your body is not ready for it.

“That’s where we see the ankle sprains, the knee sprains. That’s where we see back injuries. That’s also where we see the most hamstring strains and tears when you’re not warm and ready for that activity,” expert in sports medicine Dr. Kristina DeMatas said.

Remember to stay hydrated, cool down and stretch after activity to prevent injury.

If you do get injured, make sure you get an accurate diagnosis so you can start the right treatment. And don’t let fear hold you back. Any opportunity to move your body is good physically and emotionally.

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