COVID-19 vaccines use relatively new concept

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While this is the first time mRNA has been used in human vaccines, doctors have been studying it for 30 years

(WKBN) – There is one Christmas present we’re all going to get: the coronavirus vaccine, if we want to take it.

President Donald Trump had pushed it through with his Operation Warp Speed, and the vaccines come with new technology.

They’re called mRNA vaccines. That mRNA means they’re designed to activate the body’s immune system to fight the coronavirus.

“The main takeaway is that it’s a safe and effective vaccine. What’s very exciting is that the same approach has been used by two different companies, and essentially, they have the same results. They had, really, no major safety concerns in either of the major trials that have been done with these vaccines,” said Cleveland Clinic Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck.

While this is the first time mRNA has been used in human vaccines, doctors have been studying it for 30 years. That really helped to get vaccines developed quickly.

The dead coronavirus mRNA inside the vaccine has been carefully engineered not to infect anyone, or interact with someone’s own genetic material.

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