Cleveland Clinic study shows promising results for stroke patients

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(WYTV) – We have the results from a Cleveland Clinic study, years in the making, showing what’s called deep brain stimulation and what it does for people who have had a stroke.

The surgeons place a kind of brain pacemaker into the cerebellum. It helps the patients overcome some of the weaknesses that came from a stroke.

The doctors say what they’re doing is inspiring.

“It’s really meaningful for the researchers to see that their work is making a real impact in someone’s life, and it motivates us when a patient tells us that this has been so relevant, so meaningful to me that now I can do this thing that I couldn’t do before. It just makes us work harder,” said Dr. Andre Machado, of the Cleveland Clinic.

There were several amazing stories to come out of the trial.

One man, a mechanic, had not been able to use his hand for years and can now work on cars again.

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