(WYTV)- This comes to us from Business Insider, and it’s real inside information.

When you buy a man’s sportcoat or suit coat you’ve noticed that the pockets have been sewn shut.

You can use the pockets but only if you tear away the threads holding them closed.
Why are they closed at all? It’s a matter of making a coat look good: sewing the pockets shut keeps them looking fresh and tailored.

Customers are always trying on jackets and they put their hands inside the pockets and when they do that it can make the fabric look rumpled. Who wants to a frumpy suit?

Check the stitching along the edge where the pocket would open up. If a single thread holds it closed, snip a piece of it and pull gently. On real pockets, that thread will come out easily.

If the stitching is more resistant, you probably have a fake pocket on your hands, in that case, leave it be otherwise you’ll have a hole.

You can also remove those dotted lines of stitching along the shoulders, they’re called basting stiches, temporarily holding a seam together before the final seam is stitched, pull them out.

You might also see brand labels stitched onto a cuff or stitched on the back of a blazer.

Remove those, too.