Deadly, wrong-way crash shuts down Madison Avenue Expressway in Youngstown

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At least one of the cars looks to have been on fire at some point

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A deadly, wrong-way car crash shut down part of the Madison Avenue Expressway Thursday morning.

It happened just before 6 a.m. on the Madison Avenue Expressway near Stambaugh Stadium in Youngstown. The crash happened right underneath the Elm Street overpass.

According to the Youngstown Police Department, a black Honda Civic entered the Expressway in the wrong direction from the McGuffey Road exit. The Honda then struck Ford F-150, causing the F-150 to hit a white Oldsmobile Delta 88.

The driver of the Honda Civic, a woman, died at the scene. The driver of the truck, a man, was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

The truck the man was driving caught fire, but he was able to get himself out of the truck before the fire department arrived.

“The fuel line probably severed and hit the hot exhaust and started the fire. I’m not sure how he got out because he was out before we got here. The passenger door was open on the truck, so I’m sure he crawled out through the passenger side of the vehicle,” said Captain Gene Cook.

Cook said since the crash involved a fatality, there are resources for first responders to help deal with the trauma.

“I always think about the victim’s family and how I would feel if that were my family member,” Cook said. “It used to be just suck it up, it’s part of the job. Now, we realize it does affect some people, and we do make sure that we have resources available if they need help.”

Cook said the when the city stopped using speed cameras, crashes increased in the area.

“Now with them off, we are starting to see wrong-way and high-speed fatalities. To see someone in the opposite direction coming at you at a high rate of speed, you know it has got to be scary as heck.” Cook said.

The eastbound lanes of Madison Avenue Expressway, between Fifth and Wick, avenues were closed while crews cleaned up the crash.

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