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New voting equipment in Ohio to lessen risk of voter fraud


Every county Board of Elections will have to conduct an audit in the next couple of weeks

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – One of the big concerns around elections is always the potential of voter fraud.

Secretary of State Frank Larose said there is new voting equipment in Ohio; every ballot cast has a paper trail.

“Whether it’s a voter marked ballot, where they bubble in their choices with a pen and then run it through a scanner, or whether it’s a ballot where the voter makes their choices on a screen and then prints out the paper copy and they can hold it and verify it in their hand, there’s always paper,” Larose said.

The state can do a post-election audit, if needed, according to Larose.

For the first time in a municipal election year, every county Board of Elections will have to conduct that audit in the next couple of weeks.

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