(NEXSTAR) – One of Dunkin’s seasonal drinks isn’t so seasonal anymore.

The coffee-and-doughnut chain announced Friday that its Butter Pecan Swirl coffee items, which were normally offered for a limited time only during the spring, will now be permanent fixtures of the Dunkin’ menu starting April 26.

“On the 10-year anniversary of Butter Pecan Swirl’s debut, we knew it was time to make this
adored flavor a core menu staple,” said Jill McVicar Nelson, Dunkin’s chief marketing officer, in a press release issued Friday.

McVicar noted that Butter Pecan Swirl was added to Dunkin’s permanent offerings following requests from customers and social media users. A representative for Dunkin, in an email to Nexstar, also cited two petitions to bring back the flavor on Change.org, which together garnered just over 2,200 signatures.

The chain further claimed that Butter Pecan Swirl was the “second most sought-after” Dunkin’ flavor after Pumpkin.

The Butter Pecan Swirl — essentially a sweetened blend of flavorings and dairy featuring “notes of butter roasted pecan and sweet cream” — can be added to hot or iced coffee drinks, espresso, frozen drinks, hot chocolate and cold brew, according to Dunkin’.

Additional “pecan news” will also be announced later this month, Dunkin’ teased.

News of the Butter Pecan Swirl’s addition to Dunkin’s permanent menu, meanwhile, comes approximately a month after Dunkin’ confirmed its Dunkaccino had officially been discontinued. The drink, which featured coffee and hot chocolate flavors, had been a staple of the menu for over two decades.