(WYTV) – Here are some thoughts on dating and marriage in the new year.

The longer you spend dating somebody before marrying them, the more likely the marriage will survive. Emory University studied 3,100 people and found that couples who had dated for three or more years before proposing were almost 40% less likely to divorce compared to those who had dated for less than one year.

A woman’s happiness is a key indicator of a successful relationship. A 2014 study at Rutgers found that overall marital quality was generally greater if women were content. The happiness of the man didn’t seem to matter as much. Keep the women happy, guys.

There is no connection — none — between astrological signs and compatibility. The website OkCupid examined information from half-a-million user profiles and found zero correlation between getting along and your star sign.

YouTube began as a dating site. The founders were unsure which direction they wanted to go but since they registered the domain name on Valentine’s Day, they gave the website the tagline of “Tune In Hook Up.” It was a platform where singles could upload videos of themselves and hook up with other users.

There is a common “dating rule” to determine whether your potential love interest is too young for you. Take your age, cut it in half, then add 7. Anyone below that number is too young.

Men are usually the first ones to say “I love you.” A 2011 study by the American Psychological Association involving couples ages 18 to 69 found that the men were more than twice as likely as the women to confess their love to their partner.