You may have trendy eating habits, but your pet shouldn’t


Animals have vastly different nutritional needs than humans

(WYTV) – You might be a vegetarian, but nutritionists say your pet shouldn’t be.

It’s a bad idea to apply some popular diet trends to your animals — pets are not people.

Dr. Valerie Parker has heard it all when it comes to alternative pet diets.

She said animals have vastly different nutritional needs than humans. Those who are meat-free should not put their pets on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

“Cats are carnivores,” Parker said. “Now that doesn’t mean that cats can’t tolerate carbohydrates and plant sources of food in their food, but they are designed to eat certain meats.”

Others may feed their pets a raw meat diet with the belief that dogs and cats should eat like their wolf and wild cat ancestors. But no — our domesticated animals have evolved. They need the right combination of meat and carbs.

Some pet owners may be tempted to make their own pet food, but most homemade pet food recipes don’t contain the nutrients your pet needs and can cause severe health issues.

There is so much misinformation online that can make unhealthy pet diets seem like a good idea. Your veterinarian is the best person to go to for advice.

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