(WYTV) – The Royals sure are rich, but let’s see just how rich.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are together worth $10 million. Of course, the new deal the couple has with Netflix is worth about $100 million.

Kate Middleton’s net worth is $7 million to $10 million. She came from money. Her family has an online party supply business worth many millions.

Before he died, Prince Philip’s personal fortune was $30 million.

The young man in line for the throne, Prince William, has $40 million in his wallet. Some of that was left in trust to him from his late mother, Princess Diana.

Next is the man who would be king if his mother, Queen Elizabeth, dies or retires. Prince Charles’ net worth is $100 million. It comes from a private estate that owns and operates land in rural and urban areas.

How about his mom? Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth is $550 million. She owns a lot of property.

That’s the topper, right? Here’s a surprise. William and Kate have two children:
8-year-old Prince George and 6-year-old Princess Charlotte.

The little prince is worth $3 billion and his little sister is worth $5 billion. It’s their fashion influence. What they wear, the Brits buy.

For the young girl, it’s called the “Charlotte effect.” Her mom dresses her in, say a special yellow cardigan and it’s completely sold out all over the British Isles in 24 hours.

Since the kids have the potential to drive billions in sales, their net worth is judged against that.