(WYTV) – Here are a few slang words and expressions that only appear in one state — usually.

We’ll start with our favorite, Ohio. Only people from Ohio will know what to say when you say, “O-H…” Or, “We’ll meet outside the Shoe” or “the Jake.”

The South has “y’all” but Pennsylvanians call out to “yinz.”

In PA, people “red things up,” which means to tidy up.

They also call rubber bands “gum bands.”

People in Massachusetts talk about driving around the “rotary” — we call it a roundabout.

Here’s something we’ve adopted from down south. If you run south for warm weather in the winter, Floridians call you a “snowbird.”

When Wisconsinites are thirsty, they’ll ask where they can find the “bubbler.” That’s just slang for a water fountain.

If you want a drink in Minnesota, you might enjoy “on-sale liquor.” That doesn’t mean it’s cheap — it means you’re drinking it right there in a bar or restaurant. Off-sale liquor means you’ve bought it to open someplace else.

What’s a hot dish in North Dakota? It just refers to a main course served in a baking dish.

In Alabama, you’ll hear something is “cattywampus,” meaning crooked, tipped over, sideways, crazy or messed up. “Your hair is all cattywampus when you first wake up.”

Native and longtime Alaskans call themselves “sourdoughs.”