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Write your story in 6 words


What would the memoir of your life be if you could only use six words?

(WYTV) – A good story doesn’t have to be long. What did Shakespeare’s Polonius say to Hamlet? “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

How about the story of your life in six words? Your memoir and the theme could be almost anything — life and death, love, loss.

Writer Ernest Hemingway started this. Legend says someone challenged him to write an impossibly short story, a narrative in six words:

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

The website Smith takes up the challenge and you contribute your memoir.

Zak Nelson submitted, “I still make coffee for two.”

Writer Erica Jong said, “Much married, fourth time is charm.”

This came from Becki Lee: “Found on Craigslist — table, apartment, fianc√©.”

An anonymous source submitted, “Alzheimer’s: Meeting new people every day.”

Crystal Kash contributed something that sounded sad. “Life behind a microphone gets lonely.”

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