Worst seat on plane might be best


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(WYTV) – Planning to fly again this summer? Is there a worst seat a commercial airliner?
It’s in the back of the plane.

In that very last row, the seats don’t fully recline if they recline at all. There’s also a very good chance that you won’t even have a window, but there is more. In the rear, you’ll sit close to the lavatory, watch people line up, listen to the toilet flushing and maybe smell something from time to time.

The galley may be next to you so flight attendants will be milling about, chatting and warming up food and you’ll feel turbulence more often at the back of the plane.

If you have a quick connection to make once you’re on the ground, you might have to ask a flight attendant for an escort down the crowded aisle.

Travel writer John Burfitt says that in the last seat, no one spends the flight kicking you in the back.
It’s also much less likely that the drink cart will bump you. And with many people avoiding the very back of the plane, you might have the row all to yourself to stretch out.

Some research shows that in plane crashes, the rear middle seat offers the best chance for survival.

Before you pick a seat, you might check out a website such as SeatGuru. It has seating maps for planes on every major airline and has the worst seats highlighted in red.

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