Will vacations look different for vaccinated and unvaccinated people?


If you and your whole family are vaccinated, can you just up and go?

(WYTV) – Do you plan on doing much traveling this spring or summer? Keep in mind, we still have to deal with this coronavirus.

Travel can increase the chances of spreading and contracting COVID-19.

But what if you and your family have been fully vaccinated, and the shot has had time to take full effect? Does that mean you don’t have to worry about a thing?

“There’s no difference between travel restrictions for vaccinated and unvaccinated,” said Dr. Frank Esper, an infectious disease expert. “Just because you’re vaccinated, you may be safe yourself but we still don’t know if that prevents you from transmitting it to other people. So you might not get sick, but can you still transmit?”

Try to avoid the crowds at airports. Driving is safer, but you’ll want to avoid too many stops to reduce your risk of exposure.

Outdoor activities are best and try to keep your social distance. It’d be good to have a mask handy, too.

If you’re leaving the state, check the pandemic travel restrictions. They’re different from state to state.

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