Wild things the TSA has denied and accepted


Samurai swords? Snakes? Moose poop? Here's what's allowed and not allowed

(WYTV) – The Transportation Security Administration is ever vigilant because you never know what some people might try to bring on board an airliner.

How about a cat inside the checked luggage? TSA officers found a live six-month-old cat named Slim in a passenger’s checked bag in 2018. It went to a shelter.

At New York’s LaGuardia Airport, a TSA officer found a dog in the luggage. The dog had apparently packed itself into the suitcase when his owner wasn’t looking.

One passenger tried to bring three Samurai swords onto a plane in 2019. Sorry, no sharp objects allowed in carry-ons, no matter how well they’re wrapped.

Someone tried to pack four flares in a carry-on. The TSA confiscated them all. No flares in carry-on bags and none allowed in checked bags — ever.

In 2019, a TSA officer found a 15-inch snake at Newark Liberty International Airport. Someone apparently left behind the harmless snake at the airport. So can you fly with a snake? Only in the luggage compartment.

In 2012, the TSA found an oversized bottle of liquor in a carry-on bag at the Detroit Metro Airport. That alone is a red flag, but inside that bottle were five dead, endangered seahorses.

And let’s not forget moose poop. In 2019, one man had an entire bag of it tucked into his carry-on. He was planning to bring it to politicians he didn’t like. The TSA did allow it through and the passenger went on his merry — and stinky — way.

Someone tried to bring Freddy Krueger’s hand in a carry-on bag at the Atlanta Airport. Not allowed.

And finally, in 2019, TSA agents at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport found a toilet paper holder that looked exactly like a gun. It couldn’t shoot anything, but replica weapons are never allowed because they lead to investigations and delays.

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