Why has COVID-19 vaccine research been focused on adults and not children?


Children can be infected, too, so why aren't more kids being included in vaccine studies?

(WYTV) – Day by day, we are getting closer to having a vaccine for the coronavirus ready for us. Several types have been tested, but all of it has been focused on grown-ups.

Children can be infected, too, so why aren’t more kids being included in the research?

“We well recognize that during this pandemic, that most of the problems are in adults and that children are not resistant, but they are more resilient. The children can still get infected and still get very sick but, thankfully, not nearly in the numbers that we see in adults,” said Dr. Frank Esper, of the Cleveland Clinic.

It’s common for drug trials to focus on adults first.

Kids might need more protection. That takes time and they’re still growing, so trials have to have separate ages. That means more kids, more time — and we don’t have a lot of time.

Right now, adults are the priority but studies involving children are on the way.

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