(WYTV) – Why does coffee make your breath smell?

Coffee breath is common but what’s going on? Coffee can dry out your mouth and decrease your saliva, thanks to its caffeine.

Without enough saliva, bacteria thrive and with that comes stinky breath.

The other cause behind coffee breath is what you put in it. Topping your cup of coffee with cream, milk or nondairy creamer leads to more bacteria in your mouth. Add lots of sugar and bacteria really take off.

Coffee is highly acidic and that, too, will help bacteria reproduce.

What to do? Chase your cup of joe with a small glass of water to encourage saliva production, or slip away to brush your teeth and tongue.

And why is it called a “cup of joe?”

One theory — joe is a shortened form of jamoke, a common nickname for coffee in the 1930s. Jamoke itself is slang — a combination of the words java and mocha, two other names for coffee.

Another theory focuses on the name “Joe.” Joe is a slang name for “the common man” and we first heard it used that way around 1846. So a “cup of Joe” is the common man’s drink.