(WYTV)-Have you ever sat by the window on a jet flight and wondered why the window is round? All airplane windows are round.

Does it help the plane stay up? Aircraft windows were not always round, they used to be square…all of them.

When airplane windows were square, up until the 1950s, the planes flew slower and lower. When they began to fly higher and faster, the planes had to be pressurized.

The passenger cabins became round, but at first, plane builders left in the standard square windows. That was a mistake.

The first passenger jet was the de Havilland Comet, a British plane with square windows. In 1953 and 1954, three separate de Havilland Comets disintegrated in midair. The windows caused the crashes.

Where there’s a sharp corner, there’s a weak spot. Windows with four corners, have four potential weak spots, making them likely to crash under stress, such as air pressure.

When you curve the window edge, you distribute the stress and the chance of its cracking is reduced.
This led to the oval design you see today. Be very grateful for that nice, round shape!