Why are basketballs orange and soccer balls black and white?


(WYTV) – Let’s talk about colors.

First, to the soccer field. Why are soccer balls black and white? The reason — they were made for TV.

For the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the first of its kind to be broadcast live on television, Adidas created the black and white ball to catch the eyes of viewers better than a single-colored one would.

Up until that time, soccer balls tended to be brown leather — hard to follow on grainy, blurry, black and white TV screens.

Your money is green — why? It’s green thanks to long-lasting dye.

Making money green was a late 19th century way to stop counterfeiters, who couldn’t photograph it easily.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing kept the green ink idea because the color could resist chemical and physical changes. Green pigment was also available in large quantities for quick printing.

Why are basketballs orange? Thank Tony Hinkle — a basketball coach during the 1950s at Butler University, a private college in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Before then, basketballs were usually brown and some players would occasionally have a hard time seeing the ball.

Hinkle worked with the Spalding Company to develop the new basketball design in 1957. The orange basketball had its debut game in the 1958 NCAA Finals in Louisville, Kentucky.

The NCAA was impressed with the visibility of the orange basketball and adopted the design. They’ve been part of the court ever since.

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