When will America get back to normal and how?


There are some things we've gotten used to that will likely be here to stay

(WYTV) – The Spanish flu killed millions around the world a century ago and we had masks, and quarantines and lockdowns. Then one day, the virus went away just like that and America, very quickly, went back to normal.

What about COVID? Can we completely put it behind us when it’s gone?

A survey from the Ohio State University shows 3 in 10 still plan to wear masks, 8 in 10 will still avoid crowds and 9 in 10 will still sanitize.

Doctors say some may find normal very difficult to get used to again.

“Emerging into a world that is so changed and so different after having experienced this for such a long period of time, that is going to create, for many people, really significant anxiety,” said Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, with Wexner Medical Center. “For some people, it may be crippling anxiety when it comes to going out and being in public spaces again.”

Rules over social gatherings and travel restrictions will disappear first, and we’re seeing some of that now.

Work-from-home options may stick around in many industries — it seems to work.

The convenience of seeing your doctor virtually through a telehealth visit is likely to remain and even expand in the future.

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