When scoliosis is likely to appear and what can be done about it


A curved spine can cause pain or leaning to one side.

(WYTV) – Scoliosis, a curved spine, is usually something we think of as children having. We do find scoliosis in kids, but adults can also develop this problem.

Scoliosis usually appears in children during the growth spurt just before puberty, but adults can often develop it as part of aging. Blame arthritis and osteoporosis, which can weaken the spine.

Symptoms can vary.

“Sometimes adults can be affected by scoliosis and it can cause pain,” said Dr. Jeremy Fogelson, a neurological surgeon. “Sometimes it can cause pinched nerves. Sometimes they can lean to the side or lean forward, and that can be bothersome.”

Most scoliosis cases are mild and we can treat them with physical therapy, weight loss and medication.

Surgery is the final option if it becomes severe. A spinal fusion will help straighten the spine and prevent the curve from getting worse.

Cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy can bring on scoliosis, too, but the actual cause of scoliosis is still unknown.

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