(WYTV) – What’s the difference between vintage and retro, and how does antique fit into this?

Let’s take vintage clothing. Vintage describes items made in the 1920s and later, up to 20 years ago. So a vintage dress would be something sewn in, say, 1955 up to 2001.

It’s not limited to just clothes. We can use the word “vintage” for almost anything — he’s wearing a vintage watch or she has a lava lamp from 1977, or a transistor radio, a vintage car or cabinet or microwave.

So what’s retro? Again, let’s go back to clothes. Retro refers to the style of the clothing item. It’s supposed to resemble a past style, but it might have been made yesterday.

They’re retro, not vintage, but it’s not limited to clothing. Music, household goods and toys can be retro — age means nothing, it all has to do with style.

What about antiques? It has to be a hundred years old and, again, this can be anything from a car, to a ball cap, to a clock, to furniture. If it’s a century old or older, it qualifies as an antique.

One more — what is a collectible? That’s anything worth more than it was originally sold for because it’s become rare or popular, such as comic books, sports memorabilia, Beanie Babies, vinyl records or old wine.