What you can’t name your newborn: Baby names follow strict guidelines around the globe


In the United States, you can give your newborn just about any name that you wish, but that's not the case in other countries

(WYTV) – In the United States, you can give your newborn just about any name you wish, but that’s not so in several other countries, and they’re really serious about it.

For example, in Germany, you must be able to tell the gender of the child by the first name, and you cannot use last names as first names. A government bureaucrat in the Office of Vital Statistics decides.

The Germans did approve Legolas from “Lord of the Rings” and Nemo for boys.

Sweden has a naming law that says first names cannot offend anyone, including the person who has the name, and it never leaves you.

If your original name is John and you want to change it to Jack, you still have to keep the original, so your name is now Jack John.

The Swedes do accept Google as a middle name. They do not accept Metallica or Elvis.

Denmark has a very strict “Law on Personal Names,” as it’s called with 7,000 to choose from and no others.

Rejected names in Denmark include Pluto and Monkey. The Danes did say OK to Benji.

Your baby’s name in Iceland must only contain letters in the Icelandic alphabet and nothing to embarrass the child in the future. And, as in Germany, the names must reflect the gender.

Bambi is OK in Denmark. Duncan is not: there is no “c” in the Icelandic alphabet.

New Zealand baby names must not be too long or offend anyone. New Zealand has said no to names such as Fish and Chips and Satan and yes to Benson and Hedges (for a set of twins).

When you name your new baby in China, a computer scanner has to be able to read it for your baby’s national identification card — no non-Chinese symbols, please.

And in Norway, no last names for first names, and you can change your own last name if you wish but only if more than 200 people already have it. Fewer than 200, you have to contact all of those people to see if they mind that you have their name.

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