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What we know about pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine


There were no vaccine trials specifically on pregnant women, but doctors are currently monitoring pregnant patients who've gotten the shot

(WYTV) – Maybe you’re pregnant and wondering if you should get the coronavirus vaccine. Could it hurt the baby in any way?

We know if you are expecting and do come down with the virus, you’re much more likely to have to go to the hospital — maybe even to the intensive care unit on a ventilator.

Although there were no vaccine trials specifically on pregnant women, doctors say the vaccine appears reliable and risk-free.

“Based on peer-reviewed, vigorous, scientific review of the data that we have in non-pregnant patients, we feel it’s safe for pregnant patients who desire the vaccine to get it, especially if the risk of acquiring COVID in their community is high,” said Dr. Tosin Goje, of the Cleveland Clinic.

The two vaccines now available do not contain the live virus. For that reason, scientists believe they shouldn’t cause pregnancy problems or infertility issues.

The vaccines do not get into the DNA either.

The vaccines are being tested in pregnant women right now. Doctors don’t expect any problems.

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