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What to do if a red light seems stuck


(WYTV) – You pull up to the light at the intersection and the light is red — here’s an opportunity to change the radio station, Look around and wait…and wait…and wait.

You’ve been sitting for half a song and you begin to suspect the light is stuck on red. Can you go through it?
Maybe you can go right on red but how about left?

Those drivers behind you must be thinking, why doesn’t that numbnuts move? Doesn’t he realize the light is stuck? What is the safe move and is it legal?

If the lights are working properly in the other direction and cross traffic is still flowing in front of you, then the electromagnetic sensors embedded in the pavement may not have picked up on your car.

If yours is the only car at the light, back up and drive over the sensors again. It’s worth a try, at least. When you decide you’ve waited long enough and you’re sure there aren’t any other cars around, you can chance it and run the red light.

If you do that, be aware, the police can certainly pull you over. Your best chance is to explain what happened. The officer may check out the light herself to see that you’re correct or she may decide that you were impatient and write up that ticket.

But if cross traffic isn’t flowing either, both lights are probably malfunctioning. Treat it as a four-way stop.

Next time you’re stuck at a stoplight, remember Olya Bogush of Vancouver, Washington. In June 2018, while stuck at a red light near the hospital, she delivered her own daughter in the back seat of a Ford Fusion.

The baby’s father, Yuri Rusakov, had to wait for the light to change, which it eventually did, and he raced to the hospital where the staff ran out to meet them.

Their seven-pound newborn, Adalina, and Olya were both fine.

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