What spring allergy sufferers should watch for


There are some telltale signs that you might not have allergies after all

(WYTV) – Do spring allergies bother you? Sniffing, dripping, coughing — but could it be the coronavirus instead?

Spring allergy symptoms may mimic those of the coronavirus, so how can we tell them apart?

There are a couple of telltale signs that you’re not suffering from allergies.

“With coronavirus symptoms, very frequently, they’ll come on with fevers,” said Dr. Sandra Hong, with the Cleveland Clinic. “If you have a fever, it’s not going to be allergies. If you have diarrhea, that’s also not allergies. That’s something completely different.”

A cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fatigue and loss of taste and smell are all coronavirus symptoms — but they’re also common for allergy sufferers.

Itching is specific to allergies.

If you get the same symptoms at the same time each year, that’s also allergies.

If your symptoms last for months, it’s allergies again.

With spring allergies, you know what to expect. But if any new symptoms appear, talk to your allergist right away to rule out COVID.

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