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What’s it like to travel with the royals?


You'll have to follow these royal rules

(WYTV) – Would you like to travel around the world like a royal? Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, you’d have to follow these royal rules.

You’ll have to learn how to greet people in multiple languages. It is correct protocol to practice the etiquette of the country or culture you are visiting in order to show respect and make a good impression.

Don’t forget to pack supplies of your own blood. For example, the queen and her son, Prince Charles, always bring their own personal bags of blood with them to countries where the blood supply is questionable. A Royal Navy doctor will also be along on the trip.

Bring your own booze, too. Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, usually bring their own secret stash of alcohol for trips — gin and tonic for him and red wine for her. Their police bodyguard will discreetly carry a bag of their drinks.

Always pack a black outfit. If a royal not on the trip dies at home while you’re away, you can step off the plane when you return wearing black.

No two royal heirs can ever travel together, but Prince William and Duchess Kate have broken that rule numerous times, flying on the same plane with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. This rule goes back to the early days of air travel when it was much riskier to fly.

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