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What have we learned from Olympic athletes about diet and sleep?


(WYTV) – The Olympic Games are over, the athletes are home and — what did we learn? According to specialists, we learned how to eat and rest.

Countless hours of training require a lot of energy and, generally, a diet rich in carbohydrates. Protein, too, can help repair muscles, and athletes always made sure to drink enough water and get enough sleep.

“Rest is important for both athletes and the nonathletes,” said Dr. David Creel, with the Cleveland Clinic. “It really sets the stage for how we eat. They really go hand-in-hand. So for instance, if someone doesn’t sleep well, they get up late, they skip breakfast, they make poor choices throughout the day or they may overeat at night. And when they overeat late at night, they don’t sleep well and this vicious cycle just continues day after day.”

Athletes are also really good about timing out their meals and snacks to help them reach peak performance. We can do the same by not skipping meals and eating in moderation.

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