What eye doctors say you shouldn’t do in the pool


(WYTV) – A lot of us like to spend the hot summer days at the pool. Since the chlorine makes the water clear, can you open your eyes underwater?

Eye doctors don’t really recommend it.

They say an occasional glance should be alright, but keeping your eyes open in pool water could bring trouble.

It’s because of the chlorine itself.

“Chlorine is a pretty powerful disinfectant and can, in fact, cause some damage to the outer layer cells that protect the cornea,” said Muriel Schornack, an optometrist at the Mayo Clinic.

Your eyes can become red, irritated and maybe painful or sensitive to light. Your vision may even blur a little bit.

Most of the time, these symptoms are uncomfortable but temporary.

If you insist on opening your eyes under the water, try wearing swim goggles — especially if you’re also wearing contact lenses. If chlorine soaks into contacts, now you’ve got a reservoir of chlorine on the surface of your eyes that’s likely to do damage.

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