We’ve been drinking since before the wheel’s invention, and other alcohol facts


Humans have always liked that tipsy feeling

(WYTV) – It’s not clear when we started drinking, but humans have always liked that tipsy feeling.

Archaeologists have analyzed bits of clay from a 9,000-year-old Chinese village and found they contained chemical traces of mead, a wine made from honey.

So we were drinking long before we invented the wheel, which was 3,500 years later in Mesopotamia.

According to Mexican law, all tequila must come from Mexico. It must contain at least 51% liquor distilled from a desert plant grown primarily in Jalisco.

Have you heard the older a wine is, the better it tastes? That’s not actually how it works. Age is actually more a negative than a positive. Most wines, especially whites, become dull the older they get. Only a few high quality reds and some champagnes improve over time. You should drink your wine within a year or two of bottling.

Do you mix a diet soda for your seven and seven, or a rum and diet Coke to keep from gaining weight? Researchers from Northern Kentucky University found drinkers who used artificially sweetened mixers got drunker quicker.

Americans from the 1700s would be shocked by how much alcohol we drink today because they drank so much more — morning, noon and night. Water was often unsafe to drink.

You can make white wine from red grapes. All grape juice starts out as white — it’s the skin that contains the red pigment. Squeeze the juice out and separate it from the skins, and it stays white. If you want a red wine, keep the juice in contact with the red skins during fermentation and your wine turns dark.

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