Weird ice cream flavors from around the world


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(WYTV) – You may have heard that Kraft produced a macaroni and cheese flavored ice cream, It looks cheesy, yellowy, and Kraft says its cheese powder combines with milk, cream and sugar to produce a yummy, buttery flavor.

But you won’t believe some other ice cream flavors that have appeared over the years such as ;obster from Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, in Maine and Massachusetts.

Beenie’s Ice Cream in Morristown, New Jersey can serve you one ice cream flavor called Potato Chips and Cap’n Crunch.

Try Purple Yam ice cream from Magnolia’s in California.

Max and Mina’s in New York will sell you Corn on the Cob flavored ice cream.

At the Sweet Action ice cream shop in Denver, the specialty is carrot ginger.

If you’re really adventurous, visit the Stinking Rose restaurant in Los Angeles and order the garlic ice cream for dessert.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream shop in Philadelphia features a ranch ice cream with a cool salad taste.

The Salt and Straw in Portland, Oregon offers Blue Cheese ice cream.

New Orleans’ Creole Creamery says you have to try its Creole Tomato.

And finally, if you’re in Tokyo for the summer Olympics, be sure to visit Ice Cream City, where you can sample flavors such as raw horse flesh, cow tongue, salt, octopus and that big crowd pleaser, squid.

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